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An Apty alternative that’s suited to all sizes of business

Nickelled offers an alternative to Apty which is easier to use and more reasonably priced. Keep reading for a clear Apty comparison.

If you’re already using Apty and looking to switch, or you’re taking your first step into the world of digital adoption software, you should consider Nickelled.

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Nickelled is just like Apty, but it’s much easier to use and has been designed for small businesses, by a small business.

So you can expect great support from a friendly team, a flexible product, and pricing which works.

Apty has a lot of clients, but they describe themselves as an “Enterprise Transformation Platform”. That means a lot of features, which you may not need but you’ll have to pay for.

Nickelled is far simpler. We offer the basics, at a great price which is designed for businesses who don’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on enterprise software.

So if you’re looking for a simple Apty alternative, available to you at a lower price, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out why Nickelled is the Apty competitor that you can trust.

“Nickelled was the only company that we found where we could create tutorials to our liking without needing to add HTML code to our website.”

Lara Fernandez
Community Manager, Gengo

Five Reasons to Love Nickelled

So Easy, the Whole Team Can Use It

Nickelled is the easiest product to use on the market, guaranteed. Most of our customers have their first Flow completed in five minutes after signing up. And with unlimited users included in every plan, anybody in your team can author or edit a Nickelled website walkthrough.

Zero Development or Downloads

There’s no difficult development work, so you can create your first guide in five minutes or less. There are also no software downloads or browser extensions.

Clear Pricing

We have two plans - an off-the-shelf package suitable for most businesses, and a custom package. Get in touch to find out more!

Works on Every Software Package

We know that you can’t always use code in products like Confluence, Salesforce or Workday. So we built Nickelled to allow you to author guides which work on these products anyway – with no extensions and no extra software required.

World-class Support

We’re a small business, and we know how important support is when you’re just getting started. So we respond to most queries within one hour.

“We have specific use cases where people are logging on for the first time and they don’t know anything about us. Nickelled Flows is really helpful and useful. We’ve been with Nickelled for a couple years now - I love it. ”

Matt C. Olson, CPC
Spectrum Insurance Group

“We found Nickelled whilst looking for a solution to onboard our users without the need for extensive dev work - and we haven't looked back since! Perfect solution, great product, and brilliant support. ”

Jessica Golding
Director of Customer Experience, 90Seconds

So your hunt for the best Apty alternative is over!

Want to see why people are switching from Apty to Nickelled?

Nickelled is so much simpler to use and easier to implement. You don’t even need to insert any code, if you don’t want to. Whereas Apty might require a team of developers, anyone in any team is able to use Nickelled to show users how to use software.

With Nickelled, you’re dealing with a company which values your business and will work every day to retain it. We focus on SMEs rather than enterprise businesses, and we know what it’s like running a software business.

If you’re looking for a change from Apty, or you just want a simple digital adoption platform that works… It’s time to try Nickelled. You can get started for free by clicking below.

Things to note

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