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Tour My App seems to have been retired, but here's why Nickelled works as a replacement.

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Tour My App Alternative: Nickelled

Our honest review of Tour My App

We had a few usability problems with Tour My App which colored our overall perception of the tool. It now seems to have been retired and the secured domain is no longer live, but we're leaving this review up in case it's useful.

Although signup was simple enough and we were able to install the Chrome extension without a problem, we hit some issues when we tried to create a guide and were unable to select an element on the page for a step to point to. It took repeated tries to get the guide creation process to work, and we were unable to properly preview the guide we created once finished.

Tour My App offers a simple 'Tour List Widget' to showcase the tours in an account. All other types of launch must be triggered using the javascript extension, which requires some code changes to the site - although the documentation is clear and straightforward to follow.

A neat feature of Tour My App are the in-built themes, which makes picking a color scheme that suits your preferences fairly easy.

Tour My App's pricing is relatively simple, although the view-based model will make pricing expensive for any businesses wishing to scale.

When should I choose Nickelled over Tour My App?

We recommend Nickelled for those who are looking for a more problem-free solution to guide creation, and especially for those who don't wish to install javascript on their site (or require the site to be live at all).

Users must install a Chrome extension to author/test Tour My App tours, which may not be possible for some users.

Finally, Tour My App offers professional services for clients from $100 per hour, which may limit the scope of support offered to those who do not wish to pay.

Comparison Table

Tour My App Nickelled
Indicative pricing $$ $$
Price From $24 per month with 1000 views From $249p/m
Free trial 30-days trial limited to 100 tour views, no card required 14-days, unlimited trial, no card required
Installation Requires Chrome Plugin for guide creation Requires Javascript snippet installation for viewing No software required for guide creation (Chrome plugin optional) No installation required for viewing
Guide styling Yes - multiple themes included, along with ability to change colors Yes - able to change colors and step shapes
Formats On-page guide In-app tour list widget shows all tours available, or a javascript call can initialize and then launch a guide External guide (no Javascript snippet required) With in-app activation options including Mission Dock, embedded iFrame and easy-to-use links
Multiple language support Yes Yes
Multi-page support No Yes
Guide step limit Unlimited Unlimited
Guide A/B testing No No
Self hosted option No No
Guide analytics Basic activity stream to show guide loads and completion Yes
Support structure Professional services from $100/hour Extensive customer success program

They say about Tour My App:

"Using Tour My App to create a tour only takes a few minutes, with existing tours easy to update in just a few clicks."

They say about Nickelled:

"We love the way Nickelled lets us show users around our site. It took us no time to get up and running."
Luke Todd, Head of Customer Operations at Gumtree

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