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By David Batey

On 2014-11-26

5 signs it's time to improve your self-service support

Five signs that it's time you should improve your self service support:

1) Low engagement

You've been releasing new features but your user base aren't using them. Use your favored analytics service to discover what percentage of your user base are leveraging your application to its potential.

Tip - Create a blog post demoing the new feature (including the benefits to the user) and email to the relevant segment of your user base.

2) Complex application

Powerful applications frequently have a lot of complexity especially after they've been built for a few years. This can be great for "power users" that have been using the system and are aware of its potential but daunting for your new users.

Tip - Create a great onboarding experience which educates your user how to get started.

3) Increased contact rate

Are you getting more support requests than normal? You can check your customer service ticketing system (you are using one aren't you?) to check the volume and see if the trend is increasing. If you're getting asked the same support questions day in and day out that can be a key indicator that there is an opportunity to offer some high quality self service resources to reduce your contact rate.

Don't forget that the number of people that are getting in touch about an issue are only a fraction of the people that are having a problem, many more will simply be leaving your service frustrated.

Tip - Analyse why people are getting in touch including their path to contacting you and attempt to answer their question before contact with great self service support.

4) High bounce rate

Do some of your pages have a high bounce rate? It might be unclear to the user what they're meant to do on the page. You should be to find out the bounce rate in your analytics package.

Tip - Run some user tests to get to the bottom of the high bounce rate.

5) Increased churn

The churn rate shows you the rate that your customers are leaving your service and can be a key indicator of the health of your online business. You want your churn rate to be as low as possible and should be tracked at all times. You should be able to find out what the typical churn rate is for your sector to find out if your retention is within a healthy range.

Tip - Continually show the user what value you're providing for them.

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