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By David Batey

On 2014-12-17

Dogfooding: how Nickelled uses interactive how-to guides

There are a 101-ways interactive how-to guides will benefit your business. We've got a few tricks that we've found to be extra effective and refreshing at educating our Nickelled customers.

New features

When we launch a new feature on our app we publish a guide and send it to our customers to proactively let them know exactly how it works.

This proactive customer education approach allows our customers to know how to use the product and increases feature adoption for us. Win win.


If we get a how do I do ....? type of question. We create a guide to show the person what to do click-by-click. This also has the additional benefit of being a reusable/scalable way to provide support, when we get the question from someone else we can just send over the guide we've already created.

Embedded self help

Embedded in the Nickelled application back end we have our on site support widget. This lists the relevant guides that we have created for that part of the site which the user can then view to help themselves. Embedded user assistance helps our customers within the application directly, providing assistance at the point of pain. Empowering people to help themselves increases their satisfaction and reduces our support time and costs.


We create guides of our application and interactive demos to show people exactly what we do. A good example can be seen on our marketing guide.


As Nickelled truly requires no changes to your website (not even a line of JavaScript) we are able to create interactive how-to guides for websites we do not control, including potential customers. By creating guides of the sites of our prospects they can see how Nickelled can work for them. Our guides track a lot of data, so when a potential customer goes through the guide we can see how far they're getting and how many times they're looking at the guide, letting us know if the lead is hot or cold.


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If your company can benefit in any of the above areas then get in touch through the Nickelled site.

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