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GleanIn use Nickelled to build an online demo

March 09, 2015

GleanIn provides social media solutions to help its clients run more successful exhibitions and events. A key to the success of its GleanIn Monitor product is the ease with which it enables the speakers and registrants at events to help 
s organisers drive more attendees. To do this it has a simple easy to use platform that was very succesful in being sold to clients who were guided through the platfrom by a salesperson. However, guiding every prospect through a demo is hard to organise and expensive to operate. To solve this they turned to Nickelled.

Nickelled opens up self-service demos

Nickelled allowed GleanIn to create a demo on rails for the user. A visitor simply clicks on an 'online demo' button on the GleanIn website and is taken to a version of the site with a built-in step by step education guide. You can see the first step above. The demo not only shows the visitor how the platform looks and functions but the caption boxes allow GleanIn to call out the value that their platform brings.

The result is that first time visitors are immediately given an experience of the platform that opens their eyes to the value of the GleanIn Monitor product. More than 20 times the people are seeing the demos than was the case prior to implementing Nickelled.

The quality of the conversation with the sales people is much improved as there is a shared understanding of the product and the visitor can more readily see the value it brings to their exhibition. Thanks to the simplicity of design and function with Nickelled there is nothing for the user to 'learn' either in order to gain that value – they just click from step to step and can even provide feedback at the end of the process.