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3, 2, 1… A Very Special Launch

June 10, 2020

Getting instructions into the hands of your users at the right time is one of the trickiest parts of a successful training deployment.

Whether it’s well-timed emails, brown-bag lunch sessions or classroom training sessions delivered every Thursday, picking a training environment that works has kept many a training lead up at night.

But what if you could deliver content at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place? Show an alert just as the creeping uncertainty popped into the user’s mind? Push that PDF brochure to the team on Monday, because you know that nobody was listening at the Friday team briefing?

We’ve been working on this kind of granular launcher for over a year at Nickelled, and today, we’re pleased to release them for all users.

Nickelled Launchers work in conjunction with guided tours to make delivering job-critical information at the right time easy, in just a few clicks.


  • Launching a specific guide for a specific user, based on their user ID in your system
  • Showing a training course for a new functionality only when the user reaches the page for that feature
  • Pushing one version of your documentation to your sales team, and another to your finance team, in the same system
  • Breaking down learning flows according to job roles so that more complex training can be delivered to power users
  • Automatically launching Spanish-language training for users logging on from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Showing training only to users who haven’t already used a certain piece of functionality, and hiding it for everyone else

With Nickelled launchers, all of the above scenarios are easy to set up – and many more besides.

You can use Nickelled Launchers to launch all of our assistive solutions, including in-app guided tours, launch buttons, Mission Docks, autoplay guided tours and (for the first time) announcement bars.

At the most basic level, you’ll be able to set up Launchers using simple URL paths, such as showing a launcher for your teacher users when they land on the page ‘/teacher-homepage’.

Our teams designed Nickelled Launchers to accommodate a variety of scenarios by using ‘open attributes’, a first in the industry. Open attributes allow us to return the power to your company – it means that we don’t limit the user information you can use to trigger guides to traditional “static” attributes (such as user ID or role or team, for example).

With open attributes, Nickelled can handle any data you choose to send – you can pass us the coffee preferences of your users if you must, and we can launch training accordingly, based on the configuration you set in your Nickelled dashboard.

Want to remind somebody who handles soldering irons that they should review the hot metal training guidelines? No problem, just pass us the field soldering_iron_user: true flag when the user logs in, and we’ll get right on that.

Nickelled Launchers are so powerful that they can even use a combination of factors to achieve the goal, thanks to rules which can be chained together to match certain scenarios.

Launcher options

So, showing launchers to paid users who joined more than three days ago is really easy. Or if you’re the ambitious type and you only want us to show the reminders to your soldering iron teams who don’t drink black coffee when they log onto your company’s intranet pages, we can do that too.

Setup is as easy as the previous generation of Nickelled launchers – you’ll need to embed some javascript on your pages, and call our javascript to make it work and pass the user data across to us.

As always, we’ve designed Nickelled Launchers to be as privacy-sensitive as possible – we don’t store any information we receive about your users. We simply use it to perform our rule matching and then discard the data.

Wondering how Nickelled Launcher will impact your site load? The answer there is simple – it won’t. We used asynchronous Javascript to build Nickelled Launchers, so it won’t slow down the page render and we’ll only show Nickelled content once we’ve successfully retrieved it from our servers and it’s ready for the user to see.

To find out more and try Launchers for yourself, visit

Existing customers can log into their app and select ‘Launchers’ from the menu at the top, or contact your Customer Success Manager for further information.