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By David Batey

On 2015-03-11

Paragon Stairs builds online shopping guide on Nickelled: 95% satisfaction rate with customers

Paragon Stairs is a US-based business that sell shop interior and exterior spiral staircases. They sell primarily online and have spent a great deal of time and effort in streamlining the process so that customers can specify quickly the size, type and finish that their staircase needs. Despite this many of their customers are buying a staricase for the first time, so additional help is often required to guide a user through the process. To do this they hit upon the idea of using a Nickelled guide to help a new and returning visitors most easily find the right staircase for them. You can see how the guide is instigated on the Paragon ecommerce site with the tab on the left that says 'How To Use Our Site'

Users are then presented with a guide that instructs and informs the visitor. Reece O'Neill of Paragon Stairs describes it best:

"When researching for an interactive shopping guide it was extremely important for us to find an intuitive and easy-to-use management dashboard that allowed us to create a fluid shopping experience for our customers. We found that with Nickelled."

Like most Nickelled users, Paragon Stairs uses the guides to not simply point prospects through the shopping experience but also to show additional value that the business can bring to a customer. In the step below we also can also see how the Nickelled guide works alongside other customer services - here highlighting some added value where Paragon can give advice on whether a stair installation needs to be code compliant or not.

Paragon Stairs is a great example of how an already solid and thought-through user experience can then be enhanced by providing the extra help and guidance that something like Nickelled can bring. You can go through the entire Nickelled Guide experience for Paragon Stairs by clicking here.

We'll leave the last word to Reece:

David, Fraser and the rest of the Nickelled team have made the on-boarding process very easy. They were there to help us through each step of the way and now we have a guide live on our website that has a 95%+ satisfaction rate with our customers.

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