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By David Batey

On 2014-10-29

Transitioning to great mobile customer support

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With mobile devices now accounting for over 60% of internet traffic (see Small Biz Trends) it's time companies get serious about supporting their mobile customers. Here are some ideas your company should be adopting to provide mobile support.

N.B. Check your company's analytics to determine the best support techniques for your mobile customers. Speak to us if you need a hand with this.

FAQ pages

Make sure that your FAQ pages are responsive so that they can be viewed on multiple devices with ease. Start promoting mobile related FAQs. It's not very helpful if you're providing how to reset your password for a PC when they're on a mobile and the layout is different. Therefore providing a device specific solution to their question is really helpful.

Help videos

Inconsistent mobile data network coverage, which can see users' devices quickly switching between G, E, H, 3G, 4G, can have a significant negative impact on download speeds causing a poor experience for your customers (Buffffferrrring...). Data plans will also factor into the user's appetite for video based support and may inhibit usage. This combo makes video a poor approach for mobile centric support.

Interactive guides

Interactive guides are a great way to go. Guide content is still HTML, JavaScript and CSS which offers a couple benefits for mobile users. Firstly, your guide will look exactly like your website/application – no confused mobile customers here. Secondly, by using the optimised code it's much lighter weight than video which means faster downloads and smaller data costs.

Interactive guides show your users exactly what they should do on the site/application and if you're using Nickelled we seemlessly show optimal guide for the device.

Interactive guide working across multiple devices.


We're big fans of livechat. You should make sure your supplier's version is mobile compatible. If you have template answers to common support requests coming in then make sure they're mobile friendly in both device specific content and size - try to keep the information concise and simple, you don't want your customers scrolling through pages of text (a big no no - see our guide usability testing results).

Call centre agents

With mobile it's important to take into account the device a customer requires support for and the device they are contacting you via. For example, if they are calling from their mobile phone and require support for your product on their mobile then you likely won't be able to talk them through the process. You need to think about an alternative way of getting that information to them: how about email or SMS?

Collecting feedback

Finally don't forget about your feedback collection. You won't be able to provide great support for mobile customers if you can't measure the impact your changes are having. Ensure that your CSAT/NPS surveys are mobile responsive to increase the completion rate. Also remember to keep the content concise and record information about the customer's device so you can see trends and understand your customer's satisfaction on a device level.

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