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By Fraser Deans

On 2014-09-30

What do your customers think of Nickelled?

“One bad experience and poof… customers are history.” - Pavvo Hanninen

At Nickelled we're entirely focussed on producing delightful customer experiences and paranoid about bad ones.

Usability testing is a technique that allows software makers to highlight usability problems with their digital products to ensure the customer experience is always excellent. Generally, people are given typical tasks to complete whilst an observer monitors any problems they may run into. It's a fantastic way to get quality feedback from the people who use your service.

We thought we'd share some highlights from some recent usability testing of Nickelled. None of the testers had used Nickelled before but each praised the Nickelled service.

Some of the highlights...

  • Guides are straight forward and reduce confusion.
  • Instant messaging chat takes effort to convert what you read on screen to the action you need to take.
  • People prefer small chunks of useful contextual help and would rather avoid longer help articles.
  • People like to help themselves and find guides useful.
  • More sites should use step by step interactive guides.

Check out the video below to hear for yourself. We highly recommend using for any remote usability testing you do, it makes the whole process a doddle from recruiting participants to video capture and playback.

Nickelled Customer Feedback from Nickelled on Vimeo.

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