Is this book for you?

We’ve written this book specifically with customer success teams in mind. But anyone responsible for onboarding SaaS customers will become an expert: designers, developers, marketers, customer support agents, product managers.

What will you learn?

In these 25-pages you’ll learn…

  1. The 5 elements of a perfect onboarding email
  2. How to put them together to build a perfect drip campaign
  3. How to understand if onboarding emails are working for you

What's inside?

Chapter 1
What's wrong with your user onboarding?
Chapter 2
The Power of Email Onboarding
Chapter 3
Benefit-driven subject line
Chapter 4
Include the "Because bridge"
Chapter 5
Break down bite-sized tasks
Chapter 6
Progress indicators
Chapter 7
Call to action
Chapter 8
How do you know if your emails are working?

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