The Busy Founder's Guide To User Onboarding

Learn how to reach growth, revenue and success through better customer experience with this new ebook


What's inside?

Understanding the importance of user onboarding

What separates a happy customer from a churned one? How can you make sure that your company’s prospects succeed and convert, rather than giving up and moving on?

We'll examine how good onboarding helps businesses move visitors, prospects and clients towards success - and how getting it right has played a pivotal role in the winning strategies of Silicon Valley titans such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

How to lay the foundations for user onboarding success

What do companies need to do to ensure that every user has a great onboarding experience, every time?

Using a handy checklist covering the organisational and technological requirements for better onboarding, we'll work out how any company can build an infrastructure that drives the success of new customers - increasing happiness, increasing conversion rates, and decreasing churn.

Practical ways to help customers succeed

How should modern web businesses inspire their customers to succeed, and remove the practical steps that are standing in the way of them doing so?

Using a host of best practices inspired by design and psychology, we'll design and implement better user onboarding flows that simultaneously nudge customers down the right path and dramatically reduce the time that it takes them to reach success.

About the authors

David Batey is the co-founder and CEO of Nickelled, a leading provider of website walkthrough and onboarding software for SaaS businesses. He was previously lead developer at London startup Shutl (acquired by eBay in 2013) and holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Oxford.
Fraser Deans is the co-founder and product lead at Nickelled. He was previously a UX designer at eBay and Shutl and holds a degree in Business.
Nicholas Holmes is head of marketing at Nickelled. His previous positions include roles at Google, Accenture and Agence France Presse.