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Built For You: A Free Service From Nickelled

Have an Onboarding Specialist build an instant walkthrough for your project or app.

Totally free. No code. No installation. 100% remote.

How does it work?

Built for you is a free service from Nickelled to help you improve user onboarding, support or training.

Upon receiving your submission, one of our dedicated Onboarding Specialists will review your needs, before building a fully-featured walkthrough which is ready to be shared with your customers, users or staff.

Like all Nickelled guides, there's no code and no installation required. Our onboarding specialist will create the guide on your site remotely, before sending you the preview URL.

You'll be able to view, test and share the walkthrough for one month after the project is completed. If it's adding value to your business, you'll be able to transition to a Nickelled paid plan straight away.

You've nothing to lose!
  • Created by an onboarding specialist using your app or website
  • No installation, no code required – see an example guide
  • Send the guide to your customers immediately using email, message or your help center
  • Free for everybody

Please note that Built For You is only available for publicly-available web apps – intranet-based and native applications are not supported. Guides are normally created within two working days, are fully-featured and can be sent to customers.

Fill In Your Details To Start:

You'll be able to edit the copy after your guide has been created. However, please give us an outline of the process you'd like this walkthrough to cover (for example, how to log in, how to create a new customer, how to complete an order, etc etc).

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