Case Study

Case Study: Klubmodul


Denmark-based Klubmodul is the leading name in European sport club management. Founded in 2008, the company has grown rapidly to become the virtual home of over 2000 sport clubs and one million members, providing everything from public-facing websites to subscription management and bookkeeping for amateur sports clubs.

Using Klubmodul, administrators of clubs of all shapes and sizes can painlessly manage time-intensive activities, allowing them to focus on building, growing and enjoying great communities.

In 2016, after setting a firm base in its native Denmark, Klubmodul decided to launch a localised version of its service in Germany. Due to the size of the market, founder and CEO Jesper Weltström knew that the challenges of scaling up the operations of would be very different to his team’s experience of growing

“We foresaw immediately that a change in our approach would be required to account for the larger market,” he explains.

“We wanted to continue to offer the same customer-centric approach that helped us build Klubmodul into Denmark’s market leader, without resorting to a labour-intensive high-touch support model.”

In October 2016, Jesper approached Nickelled to provide a high-quality introduction to which would help new users in Germany to get the most out of the system.

“Within, we knew that there would be several objectives which are critical for new users to master if they’re going to gain value from the software.”

The challenge

The Klubmodul challenge was to ensure that new users could get to these new tasks as quickly as possible, with little intervention from the team. In an ideal state, the company would be able to onboard new clubs without having to guide or coach each individual organization on each step. Using data from internal tools and their experience in Denmark, Klubmodul identified several common activities such as:

  • Adding and managing teams or activities
  • Bookkeeping
  • Adding new pages and editing existing pages in the content management system (CMS)

Using Nickelled, the team were able to make simple step-by-step walkthroughs to show users how to complete each of these key processes.

Each guide, which is easily accessible via a URL, can walk a user through multiple pages, pointing at key areas of note for users and offering more information at the beginning and end of guides via a full-screen modal.

Furthermore, Nickelled’s point-and-click design meant that the task of creating guides could be accomplished without any code changes to the website — all guides were created without the addition of a javascript snippet, which greatly sped the time to launch for the guides.

It also allowed Nickelled to add functionality into other parts of the organisation, such as a customer success representative who needs to make a bespoke guide for a specific process, or a sales rep who need to showcase a particular feature for a prospect.

“We now have six team members with active accounts on the Nickelled site, covering various business functions,” Jesper explains. “This means that guides can be created by somebody in product, support or customer success for entirely different purposes, without any friction.”

The result

With now welcoming its first customers, the team is now focused on building guides to preemptively answer the most common questions posed by new users.

“Nickelled has helped us to make sure all of our new users can get the most out of without intensive hand-holding from the team - it’s an easy, scalable solution which has helped to boost activation rates significantly.”

“Today an agent in the support team can handle 600 clubs. That is just outstanding, just two years ago, an agent would handle only 300 clubs!”