How to make customers love you

Here’s a fact: it costs an average of $8 to support a customer over the phone. It costs $5 to support them over live chat, and $1.50 over email. Ouch.

With numbers like that, everything you can do to answer questions before customers ask them is a money saver. And that’s what we’re all about.

Nickelled makes it easy to offer helpful answers to your frequently asked questions, slashing support costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Create a library of guided walkthroughs that answer the most common user queries, and have support staff record and send ad-hoc walkthroughs that answer new inquiries as they arrive.

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Adhoc recording everyone will love

Nickelled is unique – unlike other guided tour solutions, you’ll have a functional walkthrough ready to be distributed in minutes. That makes us perfect for showing, rather than telling, allowing your team to answer ‘how-to’ questions in a format your customers will adore.

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Statistics for better support

Measure the popularity of each guide in real-time and get the answers you need to deliver better support to your users. Dive deep into guide quality issues, with fast access to drop-off rates and completion metrics.

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Get the feedback you need

Every Nickelled walkthrough ends with a question – was this helpful? Build better walkthroughs by keeping an eye on how many users said yes or no, and reading the qualitative feedback they provide alongside their answer.