Nickelled for customer support

You spend a whopping $8 to support a customer over the phone. More if you’re in Europe or the U.S. Live chat comes out to around $5 per person. And emails are still $1.50 a pop.

That could mean over $8,000 in phone support costs alone, plus hundreds of hours of admin work, and lots of time sending screenshots and instructions to answer the same questions over and over. Ouch.

Want to know how helps you support and engage your customers for just pennies?

Create and send helpful guides to anyone, anywhere and drive your 1-to-1 support costs down. Way down.

  • Fast
    Just point and click. That's really it. (No coding required)
  • Responsive
    Works flawlessly across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Social
    Unlike in-app tutorials, you can share your guides on social media, FAQs, help centers, email
Customer story


Gumtree replaced FAQ screenshots with Nickelled guides. The result? Their guides now handle nearly 1 out of 3 support requests.

“Now when a customer really needs our personal support, we have the time and bandwidth to help them.”
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Customer support analytics

Analytics that alert you to blind spots in your support center and questions you should be asking:

  1. Find out where people are getting stuck
    “Are our users getting through the tasks?”
  2. Find out where they’re dropping off
    “Maybe we should hold off on introducing this to our users until later?”
  3. Find out what they really think about specific tasks, features and guides
    “Uh oh.”

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