Are your employees experts?

Could you walk up to anyone in your office and ask them to solve any customer problem?

No? Uh-oh.

Product knowledge training should be part of everyone’s onboarding, but companies skip it, especially for roles that aren’t product-facing. But today, there’s only two things you can do at a SaaS company: make the product or sell the product.

Either way, everyone needs to know the product.

If your staff aren't experts, you're missing out on so many opportunities


Everytime a sales guy says: "I don't know, lemme get back to you", you lose a lead.

Customer support

Everytime a support agent has to check with a manager, you slow down your whole support team.

Everyone else

Every team member who doesn't know what their product can do, isn't capable of making it better.

Grow a team of experts

Know what they’re selling. Know how to use it. Use step-by-step guides for effective product knowledge training. Educate your staff over a course of days or weeks.

Get your staff excited about your product by creating step-by-step guides faster than setting up a Powerpoint deck.

An introduction to a helpful interactive walkthrough for user onboarding Useful guides for product tours Example of a step-by-step guide in action Measure the impact of step-by-step guides

Create and send helpful product guides to turn your staff into product geeks

Here's three reasons you should give our free trial a spin:

  • Fast
    Just point and click. Create your first guide in 2-minutes. (No coding required)

  • Send guides to anyone
    Customer rep, sales exec, CEO can view guides.
  • Measure the impact
    Analytics to track your team's transformation from product dunce to product geek.

See how easy it is (in 3 minutes)


All the features you need to grow a team of experts

  • Easy-to-share links
    Put guides on any web page
  • Easy, fast creation
    Keep guides up-to-date with your product
  • Responsive guides
    Launch guides on any device
  • Guide feedback
    Gather feedback to edit and improve guides
  • Multi-language
    Speak your customer’s language
  • Theme creator
    Make it your own
  • Helpful analytics
    Monitor progress to update and improve
  • Step-by-step demos
    Give leads a demo around your app
  • Secure Guides
    Lock down guides to control access as required
"At Insight, we love using Nickelled. It’s super easy to create guides. They are a great way of bringing the team up to speed with the product they are selling."
Kasia Kowalewski, Digital Marketing Specialist, Insight

Make your employees product experts

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Happy customers

  • Insight uses Nickelled to train their employees.
  • Gumtree uses Nickelled to help their customers and train their employees.
  • IBM uses interactive walkthroughs to guide users through a new web app.
  • Conde Nast uses step-by-step guides to help their customers.
  • Hassle uses step-by-step guides to onboard their providers easily.
  • Onfido uses interactive tutorials for product demos.
  • EasyRoommate use interactive walkthroughs to help their customers.
  • Urbanise uses step-by-step guides for employee training.