Slash employee training costs with walkthroughs

When was the last time you enjoyed a training video? Never?

Employee training is an expensive investment, and it’s easy to get wrong. Nobody likes being stuck in a room with trainers, and no trainer enjoys teaching dry, dull materials.

But training with Nickelled is different.

Instead of videos or lectures, you can allow employees to guide themselves through your app, taking in all the details at a pace that suits them. Each student can follow the walkthrough at their own pace, finishing the course in the most comfortable time for them.

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Employee Training Done Right

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Fully Compatible

Salesforce walkthroughs, Workday walkthroughs, and Office365 walkthroughs; they all just work. You won’t need to pay developers for integration, and you won’t need to deploy software across your organization, as Nickelled is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere.

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Zero software installation

You shouldn’t have to change your software just to create training material. And with Nickelled, you won’t have to. Building a guide using our Code-Free Walkthroughs doesn’t require any setup or installation, and neither does viewing one. We’re about the only company in the market that can offer this.

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Full process walkthroughs

We know that processes don’t exist in isolation – often, your team needs to consult different apps to get their workflows complete. That’s why Nickelled makes it easy to create walkthroughs that span different cloud apps.

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Faster to create, faster to update

Cloud-based apps are fast to change – and we know, because we make ‘em. But when your training material is in PDF or video, that means things go out of date quickly. Nickelled walkthroughs are incredibly fast to create and much easier to update, meaning your team will always have up-to-date courses.

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Easy-peasy feedback

Feedback surveys are included in every Nickelled walkthrough by default, so you’ll never have to wait long to find out what people think of the training they’ve just completed. As well as qualitative feedback, we also include a host of quantitative data, including top drop-off points and average completion rates.

Instantly improve the metrics for your SaaS business

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