Nickelled for feature adoption

You're spending thousands of dollars to develop each great feature in your website. You're making sure the UI is pixel perfect, the performance is responsive and the messaging is crystal clear. But for some reason your features are falling flat on their face. Dang.

Are you shouting from the rooftops?

All the development effort is going to waste if you're customers don't know the features exist or how to make the most from them!

Create and send helpful guides to anyone, anywhere and drive your 1-to-1 support costs down. Way down.

  • Fast
    Just point and click. That's really it. (No coding required)
  • Responsive
    Works flawlessly across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Social
    Unlike in-app tutorials, you can share your guides on social media, FAQs, help centers, email

Feature adoption analytics

Analytics that make sure your customers know about your latest features and start using them:

  1. Find out how many people know about your feature
    “Do our customers know about this new feature?”
  2. Find out which communication channels are most effective
    “Is it best to tell our users about new features by email or Twitter?”
  3. Find out what they really think about your new feature
    “Uh oh.”

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