Are your wasting time on low-value leads?

Once in a blue moon the perfect lead will come your way. You know the type, the real big juicy ones that signup for your biggest package, really take value from your service and then tell all their friends about you – those perfect leads.

A-class salespeople recognize these perfect inbound leads and focus entirely on reeling them in giving them superb product demos.

But what happens to the smaller leads?

You either spend time giving them product demos too (jeopardizing your bigger deals) or watch them turn around and never come back.

Either way, it's not good.

You’ve spent money getting leads, then they disappear

You’re spending $$ of dollars getting leads to your website. That carefully designed funnel, PPC campaigns, blog posts, ebooks, split tested landing pages: all wasted because you fail to capture leads at the last hurdle. All because your sales team are too busy giving product demos to OTHER customers.

Give world class product demos to everyone

Use step-by-step product demos to show low-value customers your SaaS product. Let your A-class sales team focus on the big juicy deals.

Get your customers excited about your product by creating step-by-step demos faster than setting up a Powerpoint deck.

An introduction to a helpful interactive walkthrough for user onboarding Useful guides for product tours Example of a step-by-step guide in action Measure the impact of step-by-step guides

Create and send product demos to turn all your leads into customers

Three reasons to give our free trial a spin:

  • Fast
    Just point and click. Create your first guide in 2-minutes. (No coding required)

  • Send guides to anyone
    Customer rep, sales exec, CEO can view guides.
  • Measure the impact
    Analytics to ensure your leads love your guides.


All the features you need to convert leads

  • Easy-to-share links
    Put guides on any web page
  • Easy, fast creation
    Keep guides up-to-date with your product
  • Responsive guides
    Launch guides on any device
  • Guide feedback
    Gather feedback to edit and improve guides
  • Multi-language
    Speak your customer’s language
  • Theme creator
    Make it your own
  • Helpful analytics
    Monitor progress to update and improve
  • Step-by-step demos
    Give leads a demo around your app
  • Secure Guides
    Lock down guides to control access as required
Customer using step-by-step walkthroughs for inbound marketing
"With Nickelled, our customers just 'get it' before they sign up, so our team can focus on servicing their specific needs."
Husayn Kassai, CEO, Onfido

Focus your team on high-value deals

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Happy customers

  • Insight uses Nickelled to train their employees.
  • Gumtree uses Nickelled to help their customers and train their employees.
  • IBM uses interactive walkthroughs to guide users through a new web app.
  • Conde Nast uses step-by-step guides to help their customers.
  • Hassle uses step-by-step guides to onboard their providers easily.
  • Onfido uses interactive tutorials for product demos.
  • EasyRoommate use interactive walkthroughs to help their customers.
  • Urbanise uses step-by-step guides for employee training.