Intercom and Nickelled integration

We love Intercom; we use it A LOT at Nickelled. It’s the center point for all of our customer communications. Events are brilliant for tracking what your customers are doing. Plus automated emails and in-app messaging let you speak with customers at just the right moment.


While Intercom is great for messaging it misses out on one key feature. You cannot SHOW your users how to do things in your application. What?! This means if you’re trying to drive user engagement through better knowledge of your product, you either have to go through the pain of recording videos or hopping on video calls (at mutually convenient times). Nightmare.

Take Intercom to the next level with Nickelled

Nickelled works perfectly with Intercom. Show your users how to do essential actions in your application. Send product tutorials and walkthroughs directly from Intercom targeted to the right user, at the right time.

Send Nickelled tutorials to customers with Intercom integration
Take Intercom to the next level
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3 ways to use Nickelled with Intercom

How guides can work for you…

Better onboarding

Send step-by-step guides through Intercom's in-app messaging to highlight your key activation events that lead users to successful onboarding.

Boost engagement

Push users to get their hands dirty with your must-have features. Use Intercom's automated emails to reach them in their precious inboxes.

Drive customer success

Show users how to be successful. Step-by-step guides make customer success idiotproof and inevitable.

Up and running in 2 steps

In 10 minutes – less time than writing a customer email – you'll be sending guides to your customers.

  1. Create your guides with Nickelled
  2. Copy and paste the guide link into your Intercom messages

And the best bit: if you’ve already got Intercom set up on your website you won’t need to make any code changes to start using Nickelled and Intercom together. You just do it!

Send step-by-step tutorials to your users.

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