Zendesk and Nickelled integration

Anybody who deals with support requests on a daily basis will know that being able to manage tickets effortlessly is half of the battle. Sometimes it feels like all you're doing is clicking, copying and pasting.

That's why we're pleased to offer seamless integration between Nickelled and Zendesk via the Nickelled app in the Zendesk marketplace.

Speed up your Zendesk usage with Nickelled

Thanks to the Zendesk integration with Nickelled guided tours, you can effortlessly send a walkthrough from within the help desk interface.

By clicking the Nickelled button in the Zendesk compose window, a box will appear that allows you to search for the guide and insert it into the ticket answer - the recipient will be able to launch the guide from within their interface easily.

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Up and running in 2 steps

Thanks to Zendesk's one-click installation, getting started is a breeze.

  1. Create your guides with Nickelled
  2. Install the Zendesk app
  3. Click the Nickelled button inside Zendesk to launch the guide search functionality
  4. Drop the relevant guide directly into your helpdesk answers

Remember - you won’t need to make any code changes to start using Nickelled and Zendesk together. You've nothing to lose!

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