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Using Atlassian Jira at your organization and looking for a no-hassle way to get your colleagues up to speed? You're in the right place – here are our top tips and tricks to doing Jira training RIGHT.

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Tip #1

Jira's now an all-but essential tool for agile software development, but getting the whole team operating it flawlessly takes work. That's understandable - you could have user roles such as developers, designers, scrum masters, HR managers, contractors, support engineers, IT managers and many more logging on.

Therefore, the first priority when thinking about Jira training is making sure that you design your curriculum comprehensively – if you don't your training curriculum will almost certainly fall on its face.

As a Jira Administrator, you're likely aware of what the core user roles are in your implementation – if not, you may want to consider completing a role mapping/definition exercise and the associated training needs analysis before continuing.

Tip #2

We most often see Nickelled being used for the core Jira Software product, but if you're a keen Atlassian observer you'll know that Jira is actually now packaged into three bit of software:

  • Jira Software (the main software development product)
  • Jira Service Desk (used by IT/customer support teams)
  • Jira Core (used by business teams such as Finance, Marketing or HR)

As Jira continues its journey into fully-fledged ERP system, you'll also want to make sure that your training solution is expansive – i.e. it can handle the requirements of Jira being rolled out more widely in the business, which it may well be (given Atlassian's huge vision for the software) in the future.

For instance, having training that can't be easily updated (for instance, a video) is a maintenance time-bomb, since the Jira interface changes regularly with new product updates.

Similarly, choosing a piece of software that prices on a per-user basis (and therefore could become affordable if rolled out across the entire organization) is likely a short-sighted decision that you'll come to regret.

Tip #3

As with any training program, there are considerations when choosing the format of a curriculum. While many large companies opt for classroom-based training for large implementation projects such as SAP, in our experience cloud-based software in a smaller niche lends itself well to online learning formats.

Atlassian's University actually offers a host of different training formats and delivery methods, including on-demand videos and lectures, team virtual classes and the Training for Jira marketplace app (more on this below).

As a leading provider of web-based self-paced training, we at Nickelled are clearly supporter of online training formats – crafting a curriculum using web-based tutorials is easy, keeping it up to date is even easier, and there are lots of neat bells and whistles to be added around the edges, such as assessments and certifications.

Tip #4

Yes, there is - Atlassian's University offers courses and certification for Jira and all other Atlassian tools. According to the company, "Atlassian Certified Professionals are recognized to have proven, real-world experience with Atlassian tools."

After completing their recommended training tracks, you'll be able to create an account in the Atlassian Certification portal and take the exam. The basic qualification for Jira Administrators is ACP-100, attained through the ACP-100 Jira Administrator exam.

Even if you choose not to offer your team the Atlassian official certification, consider rewarding them for a job well done with an internal certificate which can be used in performance reviews and for enhancing their resumes.

Tip #5

We at Nickelled are a leading provider of training software, serving Jira customers in both the US and Europe.

If you want to find out more about our Jira training software solution, book a demo here or see an example of a Nickelled Jira training software walkthrough.

The walkthrough actually demonstrates some of the best features of using Nickelled for Jira training:

  • It's self-paced but provides immediate knowledge, so employees can learn in the best way for them
  • There's no plugin and no coding required, so your implementation team can rest easy
  • It's super-easy to author, even for non-technical users
  • You can build multiple guides which take each user on their own Jira journey – customized learning paths are absolutely critical for ensuring the best learning outcomes
  • It's completely secure. You can't access further Jira data from our environment (and we're GDPR compliant)

It's also worth mentioning that Atlassian themselves have a superb app in their Marketplace called Training for Jira, which offers in-product tutorials which are fairly simple and will cater for most basic needs. By comparison, they lack customizability, but they work out of the box and are great for providing most user roles with the basic knowledge they need to get things up and running quickly.

Tip #6

In our experience, any day-to-day user of Jira is going to know at least the following concepts and flows to get the most out of the system. Concepts to be familiar with:


  • Creating, deleting, editing and moving issues
  • Prioritizing issues
  • Cross-referencing issues
  • Issue assignment
  • Rich formatting
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Tagging and categorization


  • Basic of agile project management in Jira
  • Estimations and statistics
  • Kanban boards
  • Scrum boards
  • Selecting different views


  • Day-to-day usage in the business
  • Logging work
  • Key agile and sprint concepts
  • Prioritizing and estimating
  • Starting and finishing a sprint
  • Understanding a backlog

Searching, filtering and data management

  • Basic search
  • Advanced search
  • Bulk editing
  • Data security in the cloud

Advanced customization

  • Dashboards
  • Jira Query Language (JQL), although this is considered advanced

Reports and reporting

  • Tracking progress
  • Retrospectives and business reviews
  • Creating advanced charts (e.g. burndown or velocity)

That said, no one implementation will be the same (bearing in mind our points about user roles above) and the following sample curriculum will doubtless need to be tweaked to your requirements.

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