Nickelled's website walkthrough tool is 100% codeless, allowing you to create a virtual walkthrough of your website or app in seconds. There is no software to install (for producing or viewing guides) and you can share your new guided tour with anybody with just a single link.

Why should I use Nickelled?

Fast to create, faster to update

Just point and click. Create your first virtual walkthrough in 2 minutes. (No coding required and no changes to your website - for real)

Send guides directly to anybody

Our virtual tours open in the browser and can be sent as a simple URL, embedded on pages, or delivered through in-app messaging

Measure the impact

Our extensive analytics features allow you to understand how guides are working for your customers.

How does Nickelled help with user onboarding?

Designed from the ground up to facilitate better user onboarding, the Mission Dock is an in-app launcher for your guided tours, allowing you to autosend guides to new users. As users complete guides, the Mission Dock progresses with them, before intelligently disappearing at the end of their onboarding journey.


All the features you need to activate users

  • Easy-to-share links
    Put guides on any web page
  • Easy, fast creation
    Keep guides up-to-date with your product
  • Responsive guides
    Launch guides on any device
  • Guide feedback
    Gather feedback to edit and improve guides
  • Multi-language
    Speak your customer’s language
  • Theme creator
    Make it your own
  • Helpful analytics
    Monitor progress to update and improve
  • Step-by-step demos
    Give leads a demo around your app
  • Secure Guides
    Lock down guides to control access as required
Customer story


Gumtree replaced FAQ screenshots with Nickelled guides. The result? Their guides now handle nearly 1 out of 3 support requests.

“Now when a customer really needs our personal support, we have the time and bandwidth to help them.”

Who else does this?

Mobile, SAAS, B2B, Design


They say: Improve user onboarding, feature activation & more — no code required! Stop waiting on dev. and start increasing customer engagement today. Try it now for free.

Number of employees: 13

Funds raised: $1200000

Founded in 2014

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+1 703-646-1854

Marketplace, E-Learning, Education


They say: The easiest, proven way to guide people through online tasks

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71 London Rd, Newbury RG14, UK



They say: Create interactive walkthroughs and tooltips to guide users through your website or web app, improving onboarding and achieve your business goals.

Number of employees: 5

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145-157 St John St, London EC1V 4PW, UK

SAAS, B2B, E-Learning

Inline Manual

They say: The future of self-help support, documentation and onboarding

Number of employees: 5

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+972 50-691-8018

Khayim Nakhman Bialik St 10, Jerusalem, Israel

SAAS, B2B, Information Technology & Services, Technology, Internet


They say: Iridize is a powerful Enterprise Grade platform for flexible employee training and onboarding web users.

Number of employees: 5

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+1 650-741-1084

SAAS, B2B, Internet


They say: The easiest way to create timely, relevant, on-screen tooltips and product tutorials without engineers.

Number of employees: 4

Funds raised: $164000

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+1 714-276-6251

700 N Valley St b, Anaheim, CA 92801, USA

SAAS, B2B, Information Technology & Services


They say: User onboarding using website walkthroughs to improve customer engagement. 14-day free trial. Zero coding required.

Number of employees: 5

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+1 877-461-2631, +1 415-398-8012

624 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

SAAS, Enterprise, B2B, Internet


They say: Welcome to Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter.

Number of employees: 337

Funds raised: $71260000

Founded in 2008

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They say: reach out to your customers when it matters

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+1 888-319-6572, +1 408-702-2617, +972 52-520-5063, +1 888-398-4098, +972 3-559-5040

10003 Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10457, USA

SAAS, B2B, Publishing, Media, Internet


They say: personalized digital walkthroughs

Number of employees: 15

Funds raised: $3500000

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SAAS, Mobile, B2B, Information Technology & Services, Technology

Silver Stripe Software

They say: Tour My App allows web developers to improve product activation and user engagement by adding in-application tutorials that guide their users as they use their web application. No coding required. Can be used to onboard new users, help users perform tasks, or as a substitute for documentation.

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Mobile, SAAS, B2B, Software


They say: Create and publish user onboarding, product tutorials and tooltips without using code. Help your users understand and stay engaged with your apps

Number of employees: 7

Funds raised: $1900000

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175 Varick st, New York, NY, 10014, United States

SAAS, Software


They say: Tutorialize powers website tutorials that guide visitors around your site. Ready in minutes and totally customizable.

Number of employees: 5

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Szeged, Zoltán u. 6, 6724 Hungary



They say: WalkHub is a web application that makes it easy to record and share Walkthrough tutorials that play on top of websites (similar to the "Take the tour" you've seen on Google maps, Facebook,...). Once a community has created a basic collection of Walkthroughs for a certain type of web application, any other instance of that software (e.g. your WordPress blog) can also use that set of tutorials. WalkHub is Open Source, and since it's built on Drupal, it has received great interest from teams at large organizations that already have the know-how to maintain a Drupal site.

Number of employees: 5

Funds raised: $11567

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22 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

SAAS, B2B, Internet


They say: WalkMe™ enables your business to simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion.

Number of employees: 318

Funds raised: $42500000

Founded in 2011

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+1 800-459-7098

955 Benecia Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA

SAAS, B2B, Internet


They say: Whatfix provides in-app interactive guides and walkthroughs that help companies:- Ease User Onboarding, Reduce Training, and Improve Support.

Number of employees: 22

Funds raised: $1200000

Founded in 2013

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