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Our drag-and-drop walkthrough creator lets you create interactive step-by-step guides for your users. It's the fastest, easiest way to create simple or advanced software demos.

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Auto Play Website Walkthoughs for New Users

Automatically run immersive, interactive walkthroughs when new users sign up or log in for the first time. If you don't want to autoplay, use an unobtrusive widget to show a selection of walkthroughs.

“We found Nickelled whilst looking for a solution to onboard our users without the need for extensive dev work - and we haven't looked back since! Perfect solution, great product, and brilliant support.”

Jessica Golding, 90Seconds
Jessica Golding, Director of Customer Experience, 90Seconds
a step in a Nickelled flow
a step in a Nickelled flow

Walkthroughs for Specific Pages or Features

Push a walkthrough to your users when they land on a page or encounter a feature they've never used before. Pass us user attributes, and we'll make sure that only the right users see your walkthroughs.

“We love the way Nickelled lets us show users around our site. Now, when a customer really needs our personal support, we have the time and the bandwidth to help them”

Luke Todd, Gumtree
Luke Todd, Head of Customer Ops, Gumtree

Highlight Walkthroughs Anywhere

Use a range of trigger options to show links to your walkthroughs anywhere, without complex coding.

“When I found Nickelled, all my prayers were answered. Now, instead of explaining how to do easy tasks over and over, on a one-to-one basis, I just refer my employees to an intranet page where I've posted all the guides.”

Kasia K, Ecommerce Specialist (via Capterra)
a step in a Nickelled flow

Nickelled Walkthroughs Are Different

We've been building the best website walkthroughs since 2014.

Cross Platform

Works on mobile, desktop and tablet.

Zero Development

No difficult development work, create your first guide in five minutes or less.

Zero Downloads

No software downloads or browser extensions.

Optional Javascript

Using our Javascript is optional but encouraged. If you can't add Javascript, no problem.

Invite the Whole Team

With unlimited users, anybody can author or edit a Nickelled website walkthrough.

World-Class Support

We respond to most queries within one hour.

No Per-User Pricing

Unlike most on the market, we bill per walkthrough - not per user that accesses it.

Easy Billing

Pay via credit card or annual invoice.

What is a website walkthrough tool?

Website walk-through tools can significantly help to cut user churn, sometimes up to 80% or more.

A walk-through is a fantastic way to share your app with new users. It gives you a chance to highlight the best features, and make sure that nobody misses important aspects of the product's functionality or capabilities.

Website walk-throughs offer a huge advantage of a traditional training methods such as videos. Because the user typically complete the process at the same time as viewing the walk-through, retention is much higher, making them a hugely powerful training tool.

In our experience, walk-throughs are most typically used to showcase a full process flow, for example, how to create an opportunity in salesforce, or how to add a friend in Facebook. This makes them slightly different from product stores, which are commonly used to give a general overview of a web app interface.

Website walk-throughs need to be clear, concise, engaging and targeted - there is no point in showing a website walk-through to somebody who doesn’t need to see it at that point. For this reason, and our reviews below, we have made sure only to include software packages that allow for full targeting of users.

Six Best Website Walkthrough Tools in 2021:

  1. Nickelled
  2. Appcues
  3. Apty
  4. Whatfix
  5. WalkMe
  6. Chameleon

When should I use a website walk-through?

Although the majority of our customers use website walk-throughs for new users, there are many different use cases where a website walk-through could be an appropriate solution.

For example you might consider using a walk-through when:

  • A user upgrades
  • A user completes a certain task and get us access to a new feature
  • A user has been using the software for a certain period of time, but hasn't moved beyond the most basic features
  • A user invites a colleague to use the software
  • A user logs in after a long period of time
  • A user logs in after significant product change

What makes a great website walkthrough tool?

At the most basic level, a walkthrough tool should be able to:

  • Allow you to show the interface to users at the right time
  • Allow you to target users based on their role, or level within the company
  • Allow you to change the interface based on the user's role
  • Allow you to show different tasks to different users
  • Allow you to show a web walkthrough from a mobile device or desktop
  • Allow you to show a web walkthrough without the need for additional coding
  • Allow you to easily edit the web walkthrough
  • Allow you to quickly and easily create a walkthrough
  • Allow you to create a web walkthrough without the need for additional coding

How do website walkthrough tools work?

A website walkthrough tool is a simple as a piece of software that you install on your website. Once installed, it will allow you to quickly and easily create a walkthrough for your application. This is done by simply clicking and dragging the various screens that you would like to include. You can then add text, or scripts, to explain the purpose of each button.

Once your walkthrough is created, you can then embed it on your website. This is typically done by adding a small piece of code to the footer of your site. Once this is done, the walkthrough will automatically appear when a user lands on your site.

A walkthrough will typically appear as a layer that sits over your web page, but some walkthrough tools will allow you to integrate it directly into the page.

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Why Nickelled?

We're specialists in helping you to educate your users, before they ask.

Nickelled's website walkthrough tool is 100% codeless, allowing you to create a virtual walkthrough of your website or app in seconds.

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