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Nickelled Codeless Walkthroughs allow you to click and share – it’s that simple.

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Nickelled Code-Free Walkthroughs are the fastest way to create a guided tour of your software, with no setup or installation needed.

Record a walkthrough in minutes and let your users see it just by visiting a simple web address. You won't need to make changes to your software – Nickelled walkthroughs are added on top as intelligent step-by-step instructions which users complete at their own pace.

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Point and click creation

Nickelled is designed for easy walkthrough authoring – most users have their first walkthrough online in minutes.

After browsing to the page on which you wish to start recording, a single click activates Nickelled, which can record all actions on the page, allowing you to add full-screen modals or highlight elements with steps. Afterward, add different font styles, URLs, and design customizations to suit your tastes.

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Each walkthrough saves with a customized address – so sharing your creation is as simple as sharing that address. Put it in emails, chat messages, on your help site or on your homepage. Users don’t need to be logged in, and they don’t need to install any software, so you’ll reach the maximum audience possible.

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Advanced Launchers

Setting up your walkthrough to play in different scenarios is a piece of cake. Choose to display them only to new users via the mission dock, trigger a specific walkthrough on page load or role or set up your own firing rules from scratch with some simple javascript.

See an example:

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Analytics You Can Work With

Our focus is on making sure your users get the most out of your walkthroughs.

That’s why we don’t only report on views – we ask every user what they thought when the guide ends, and we report those numbers, along with any comments that they’ve left.

Prefer not to bother your users? That’s fine too. Instead, you can see an in-depth breakdown of how many users made it to each step, and keep an eye on the points where they leave the walkthrough so that you can make improvements with each view.

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Transparent Pricing You’ll Love

Unlike our competitors, we’re 100% clear about our pricing. There’s a 14-day unlimited free trial, and then a monthly package with no long-term contract (you can pay annually on invoice too if you prefer). You’ll pay only for the number of walkthroughs you create, and not for the number of views or monthly active users – there’ll be no nasty surprises from us when your business starts doing well, just a hearty congratulations. Support is free.

See how much Nickelled would cost you on a monthly basis below.

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Send fast, helpful guides, to anyone, anywhere

Nickelled’s pricing is based on the number of guides in your Nickelled account. You will be able to change this as your account grows.

Use a custom domain + remove branding from guides

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Do I need to install anything?

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Do Nickelled Code-Free Walkthroughs run on my website?

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Can a user follow along with a Code-Free Walkthrough?

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What’s the Mission Dock?

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What’s counted as a walkthrough?

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What support do you offer?

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What happens if I go over my walkthrough limit?

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Can I use multiple languages?

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What tracking do you include?

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What integrations do you support?

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