Customer support docs that won’t let you down

Evergreen Docs transform the way you offer support documentation.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Evergreen Docs are able to tell when they’re already out-of-date: for instance, when a page looks different or an on-site element has disappeared.

After alerting the support team, Nickelled Evergreen Docs will automatically update themselves, ensuring that the documentation your customers are relying on NEVER gets old.

Evergreen Docs are available as video, GIF and text-based content, as well as being integrated into Nickelled guides.

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Why go Evergreen?

Out-of-date documentation leaves users screaming in frustration, jams your support inbox and causes a bad impression of your company. But you might have thousands of pages of support content, which you’ve collected over years of business. And as anyone who’s ever sat down on the business end of a CRM system will tell you, maintaining support articles is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Evergreen Docs make it easy.

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How it works

Disparity uses Nickelled’s proprietary technology to filter out irrelevant page changes - unlike other monitoring tools, it doesn’t get tripped up by changes that don’t affect the user (such as minor text tweaks, date changes or non-visible code changes)

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100% Code free implementation
Identifies user-visible changes only
Works behind password walls
Supports multiple user roles

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