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Nickelled Integrated Walkthroughs tightly integrate with your site and your users

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Nickelled Integrated Walkthroughs allow your users to complete their tasks as the guide plays alongside them.

Achieved using Nickelled’s artificial intelligence-powered software on top of your app, Integrated Walkthroughs provide a seamless experience for the user, with none of the bugs that cheaper or ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions.

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Playback That Users Love

Nickelled Integrated Walkthroughs play over your webpage, as the user browses. Run through an overview when the page loads or play the steps as the user completes the process – it’s completely up to you.

Users can start or stop walkthroughs at any time with simple buttons, and no plugin is required to view guides.

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AI-based Error Checking

Adding a guided walkthrough to a live website often causes a headache for businesses, as the smallest change by a web developer can leave users staring at a page that doesn’t match the steps – or worse, break the walkthrough altogether.

However, the advanced AI-based algorithms available with Nickelled Integrated Walkthroughs checks every page that features a walkthrough for changes every day, automatically disabling the walkthrough and alerting you to an issue before your users notice.

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Advanced Triggers

Integrated Walkthroughs show for all users by default – but setting up your walkthrough to play in different scenarios is a piece of cake. Choose to display them only to new users, trigger a specific walkthrough based on a user’s geography or role or set up your own firing rules from scratch with your account manager.

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Global Customer Partner

We want to work with you to make a success of your walkthroughs – so we offer every Nickelled Integrated Walkthroughs client a dedicated customer partner from a member of our global customer partnerships team. Your customer partner is there to help you get set up, help you to troubleshoot problems on your site and help ensure that you and your customers are getting the most out of Nickelled.

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Transparent Pricing You’ll Love

Want month-to-month pricing starting from $99 p/m? Use Nickelled Code-Free Walkthroughs - find out more here.

Unlike our competitors, we’re 100% transparent about our pricing. Nickelled Integrated Walkthroughs are available with an annual contract, which starts at $699 per month for up to 20 walkthroughs and scales to $999 per month for up to 40 walkthroughs. Above that, please contact us for a customized quotation. Just like Nickelled Code-Free Walkthroughs, all packages come with unlimited guide views and monthly active users. Because of the deep technology integration required by Nickelled Integrated Walkthroughs, we’ll also set you up with a dedicated customer partner to onboard you, manage the technology integration with your app, answer questions and help troubleshoot whenever necessary. The mandatory customer partner fee is $1,999, payable annually.

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