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Five star customer reviews
GruberPrep using step-by-step guides for customer training
5 star customer reviews
5 stars

Gruber Prep
Customer training

"Best product tour application, hands down"

"I explored all the different product tour 'joy-ride' applications before stumbling across Nickelled. In fact, I had been using one provider, AppCues, that could not integrate with our back-end platform and it was incredibly difficult to navigate.

I then found Nickelled and it trumped the competition in terms of design, usability and support. That's exactly what I want in a product. It was seamless to implement in our complex back-end product; it's beautifully designed and catches the eye perfectly; and the CTO, David, was a dream to work with in helping us maximize our usage of the product. We literally had skype calls in the middle of the night.

I honestly cannot recommend this product highly enough. In fact, of all the 3rd party applications we use I must say that this product is the best to use and has the most impact on our customers."

Insight using web walkthroughs for employee training
Perfect customer review
5 stars

Ecommerce Specialist
Employee training

"Nickelled saved my life!"

"I was looking for a way to train our employees on how to use internal systems. I wanted something interactive (not passive like watching a video), something that didn't require coding on my part or within the system itself, something that was easy to change and modify… and available in two languages.

When I found Nickelled, all my prayers were answered. Now, instead of explaining how to do easy tasks over and over, on a one-to-one basis, I just refer my employees to an intranet page where I've posted all the guides. All the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Using the software was easy, with a very short learning curve. Customer Service is outstanding - I feel like I have my own account rep. I was even trying to figure out why something wasn't working, when my rep initiated a chat with me - "hey I see something went wrong. I've fixed it for you. Try again". Really? Telling me it's fixed before I even contacted you? I wish all services were like that!!!

Thanks to Nickelled, I have more time for other priorities. I'm happy, my employees are happy and my boss is estatic!"

Urbanise using step-by-step tutorials for staff training
Step-by-step guide reviews
5 stars

Head of PM
Employee training

"We use this for creating interactive, easy to use, training guides"

"Great software and extremely easy to use and follow. It allows us to expand our training methods to give on the spot, interactive training for all our clients assisting them in their daily duties without trawling through reams of training materials."

Gumtree using step-by-step tutorials for customer support and staff training
Five star customer reviews
5 stars

Customer Operations Consultant
Customer support Employee training

"Amazing software delivering amazing results"

"Nickelled is simple to use, needs no integration (unless you want to) and delivers value immediately. We are using it on our help site AND our twitter page. Its a great way to show users how to do things on your website. It removes the need for low level contacts which are costly to a CS operation. No issues at all and we are entering our 3 trading year with Nickelled. The team are true partners."

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