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Sales demo software to show and tell, without being in the same room

Nickelled has helped online businesses around the world sell more products through better canned demos.

Replacing in-person product demos with walkthroughs (or so-called "Canned Demos") frees up your sales reps to focus on the most valuable pitches and provides an effective way of screening leads before anybody makes contact. Use the demos when prospects need further information, when your team can’t make a meeting or when leads don’t meet qualification criteria.

Uniquely, you’ll be giving your prospects a ‘real’ view of how your SaaS software looks and feels. No more tiny YouTube videos or lifeless PDF files. Nickelled loads in a new window, with steps and modals overlaid onto a background which looks and feels EXACTLY like your app, even down to its mobile responsiveness.

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Go behind the wall

Thanks to Nickelled’s unique recording technology, you can show prospects your SaaS app behind a password login, with a fraction of the time and effort it would take to produce a video.

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Show the best bits

Nickelled walkthroughs are locked down and 100% secure – your viewers will be able to click on the elements you want them to, but nothing else. As soon as they try to view part of the app that’s outside of the walkthrough path, you can redirect them to your sales page and let them chat to a member of the team.

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Send it to anyone

Launched using just a URL, Nickelled’s walkthroughs are perfect for including in a sales deck or pitch email. You can even embed the walkthroughs on your website, allowing prospects to see inside your app without ever leaving your sales pages.

How does the sales demo recording work?

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Record yourself going through the essential processes in your app, capturing a true reflection of what the platform looks like.

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Create walkthroughs with no plugins and no javascript installation, for a feeling more 'real' than a PDF or PPT presentation.

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Answer key questions and objections with modals or images. Step outside the app if you have to, to showcase all the benefits.

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Send out your product demo as a simple link in an email, that anybody can click on, forward to colleagues or store for later.

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Track when the recording has been seen, including how many times and to which point. Password protect recordings if required.

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Integrate with common CRM systems for real-time notifications (via javascript), to keep track of how interested your leads are.

Sales Demo Case Study: Tamar Beck, GleanIn

"Nickelled has been great for GleanIn. Allowing anyone in the team to give reliable and repeatable product demos customized for each prospect is priceless."

Tamar Beck

CEO, GleanIn

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