Do you sweat before your sales demos?

Poor sales demos are stressful. Too many SaaS product demos are butchered with slow load times, messy form filling and unexpected mishaps.

Any time during a demo you say “Oh, just wait a moment” or “It’s never done this before” you’ve lost the sale.

Say goodbye to this month’s commission. Bye bye.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve worked tirelessly to get this sales meeting with the key decision maker. Putting in the late nights, sending emails back and forth, for months.

You’re now sitting across the table from her. The pitch is already in the bag. All that’s left is the product demo.

Choose your poison…

PowerPoint / Screenshots

You’ve heard of “Death by PowerPoint”? Nothing sucks the soul out of your SaaS product more than a series of lifeless slides.


Modern SaaS software moves fast. Videos kill meetings. Are you going to risk this deal on an impersonal, out-of-date video?

Live demo

Only mavericks give live demos. The potentials to go wrong are endless. Application running slow? Boring form filling? Down time?

Deliver the sales demo to make them go 'WOW'

Sales demos for SaaS products need to be silky smooth, tell an easy-to-follow narrative and go off without a hitch.

You need to deliver the pitch of your life. To do that, your demo can't let you down.

Keep it simple, relevant and beautiful.

Create step-by-step product demos with Nickelled to close the deal risk free.

An introduction to a helpful interactive walkthrough for user onboarding Useful guides for product tours Example of a step-by-step guide in action Measure the impact of step-by-step guides

Create the best SaaS demos... And win the customer

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All the features you need to deliver a perfect demo for your SaaS product

  • Easy-to-share links
    Put guides on any web page
  • Easy, fast creation
    Keep guides up-to-date with your product
  • Responsive guides
    Launch guides on any device
  • Guide feedback
    Gather feedback to edit and improve guides
  • Multi-language
    Speak your customer’s language
  • Theme creator
    Make it your own
  • Helpful analytics
    Monitor progress to update and improve
  • Step-by-step demos
    Give leads a demo around your app
  • Secure Guides
    Lock down guides to control access as required
Customer using step-by-step SaaS product demo
"Nickelled has been great for GleanIn. Allowing anyone in the team to give reliable and repeatable product demos customised for each prospect is priceless."
Tamar Beck, CEO, GleanIn

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