User onboarding with Nickelled

You're spending bucket loads of cash on customer acquisition. People are finding your website. Heck, they're even signing up to use your services but wait… they aren't staying around?

They aren't even using your service?

Wow, all that wasted time, effort and energy.

Your customers are distracted. They're confused. They need a hug and someone to handhold them. Nickelled's guides are here to help.

Create and send helpful guides to anyone, anywhere and drive your 1-to-1 support costs down. Way down.

  • Fast
    Just point and click. That's really it. No coding or installation required.
  • Responsive
    Works flawlessly across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Social
    Unlike in-app tutorials, you can share your guides on social media, FAQs, help centers, email and just about anywhere else you can think of.

User onboarding analytics

Analytics that alert you to blind spots in your support center and questions you should be asking:

  1. Find out where people are getting stuck
    “Are our users having a great first time user experience?”
  2. Find out where they’re dropping off
    “Maybe we should hold off on introducing this to our users until later?”
  3. Find out if they’re looking for more help
    “Should we be explaining this better during user onboarding?”

User onboarding that gets users hooked first time

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