How to share a Nickelled website walkthrough

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In this recording we’re going to take a look at the many ways that you can share guides you’ve created using Nickelled.

If we click on “Share”, you can see that there’s an option for email, helpdesk, live chat, in-app, which is launching guides from inside your website, and other, which allows you to send a guide to anybody.

We’ll start by sharing using Live Chat.

To do this, we’ll just copy and paste the link into our live chat message. So if we click “copy”, that will go straight to the clipboard and we can use it wherever we want.

Now we’re going to go over to Intercom, which is our in-app messaging solution.

And you can see here that we’ll just go to Engage, which we use to send out messages, and we’ll just click ‘Create New Auto message”.

Let’s just give our new auto message a name, so we’ll call this “Nickelled Guide”, then we can choose an audience for it. And I think we’ll add a rule that we’ll just send it to anybody who’s signed up recently, less than one day ago.

We’ll select the channel -- and our options here are either “in-app message” or “email”.

In this case, we’ll choose “email”, but it’s just as easy to do using in-app message -- and then we can write our message.

So we’ll write, “Hi firstname, we’ve created a guide to show you how to get started. Please check it out by clicking the button below.”

Then we’ll insert a button. So we’ll give the button some text, which is just “View Guide” and we’ll paste in our guide URL here. You can see the guide URL just there.

Now all we need to do is add the email subject, and we can click “Done”, scroll down and just set that live.

Another way that we can share guides using Nickelled is via email.

To do that from the “Share” tab we just click on “email”, and you can see that as normal, we have a guide that we can just copy and paste into our email.

So I’ll click “copy” to just move it to my clipboard here, and then we’ll go over to Mailchimp, which is our email software.

You can see here that we’ve already got a prewritten message - “Hi there, we wrote a guide for you” - so what we’ll do is we’ll put in a link here that says “View it online here, thanks, thehe Nickelled Team”.

Then I just need to select my call to action, and I’ll paste in my Nickelled guide URL there (insert) and there you go, you can see it inside the email.

So let’s just save this. And now if we preview our email, you can see that when we enter preview mode, you can get the email there and once you click on that link, the guide will just play straightaway.

So this is a super simple way to send guides to your customers via email.

One really popular way to share guides is via an online help desk. To do this we can click “Share”, and then we’ll just click on “help desk”, and you can see that there are actually two options here.

So we’ve got one option to grab the help desk link, or we can embed the HTML code.

In this case I’m just going to grab the link, because we’ll go over to Intercom, which is our help desk software, and we’ll just start writing a new help desk article.

So our article is “how to use Wikipedia”, so “we’ve created a handy guide on how to use Wikipedia, please click below to view it” and then we can just insert a button.

Let’s insert that button, and we’ll write “Click here to view the guide” and we’ll paste in our link below.

Then all we have to do is save and close.

If you already have existing online help center one of the easiest ways to use Nickelled is to embed the links to the guides inside the help center.

We do this using an iframe which gives us a nice visual button that you can see at the bottom of the page here.

To use the iframe, it's really very simple.

We just go to the bottom of the page, we click on helpdesk, and then at the bottom of the page you can see the HTML code that you'll need to paste into your site in order to get started.

Once you've pasted it, the iframe will appear on your page, and visitors will be able to just click through to your guide.

Finally, we can share a guide using any other tool, just by getting the guide from the “other” tab. So again, we’ll just click “copy” to copy that guide link to the clipboard, and then in this case we’ll go over to Twitter.

We’ll write a new Twitter status update. We’ll just type in “New Guide: How to use Wikipedia” and then we’ll just paste that guide, and anybody who clicks on that status update will be taken straight to our guide.

Hopefully you’ve found this video useful. If you have any feedback, drop us a line, at