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Building Nickelled guides was a simple process - we were able to build and deploy our first guides to translators very quickly. In the past few months, our percentage of new translators who become active within the first 12 weeks after signing up has increased, eventually reaching our goal of 60%.

Dfc0b92120741ee60a02969bc1eab24fef028a3f lara fernandez
Lara Fernandez
Community Manager, Gengo

We found Nickelled whilst looking for a solution to onboard our users without the need for extensive dev work - and we haven't looked back since! Perfect solution, great product, and brilliant support.

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Jessica Golding
Director of Customer Experience, 90 Seconds

It was easy to setup the Nickelled walkthroughs and the pricing was extremely low, especially compared to some immediate competitors. The processes that we wanted and needed to explain to new website visitors were pretty basic and Nickelled was the right solution for us. It was quick and easy to set up.

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Kate Gallagher
Owner/Founder, [K8] Digital

Nickelled has helped us to make sure all of our new users can get the most out of Clubmodul.de without intensive hand-holding from the team - it’s an easy, scalable solution which has helped to boost activation rates significantly.

443227d2b008bc2060072db85160393a520bc9d1 jesper weltstrom 598c41b8
Jesper Weltstrom
CEO, Klubmodul.dk/Clubmodul.de

One of the best products I have used in my entire career! All of our guides and tutorials up to this point have been static PDF documents with screenshots and text to explain what to do. With these guides we can get a crystal clear snapshot of every web page, making the guides visually appealing to go through.

Df11c3bb115a0457fa67a5a33bac7fd00594bdb8 8a233e101b023a34c46f973be8a3d5699ed1ea4a capterra
Matt O
Project Manager, Capterra-verified Company

We love the way Nickelled lets us show users around our site. It took us no time to get up and running. Now, when a customer really needs our personal support, we have the time and the bandwidth to help them

124d1441cb1a02d46c678cf70d05e476ec2ca5a4 luke todd
Luke Todd
Head of Customer Ops, Gumtree

How does it work?

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Record Your First Walkthrough In Minutes

After browsing to the page on which you wish to start recording, a single click activates Nickelled, which can record all actions on the page, allowing you to add full-screen modals or highlight elements with steps. Afterwards, add different font styles, URLs, and design customizations to suit your tastes.

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Share With Anybody

Each walkthrough saves with a customized address – so sharing your creation is as simple as sharing that address. Put it in emails, chat messages, on your help site or on your homepage. Users don’t need to be logged in, and they don’t need to install any software, so you’ll reach the maximum audience possible.

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Launch On Your Site

Setting up your walkthrough to play in different scenarios is a piece of cake. Choose to display them only to new users, trigger a specific walkthrough when a page is loaded, or set up your own firing rules from scratch with some simple javascript.

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Why choose us?

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100% Code-free

Other tools promise “no code,” before sending you a bunch of Javascript to install. Not us; we’re 100% code-free! No need to wait on your busy IT team to create and test your walkthroughs. Forget about battling third-party software that you don’t control.

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Best-in-class compatibility

We’ve designed Nickelled to work with sites of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re deploying a tour on Salesforce or taking users behind the scenes of your password-protected app, you can rest assured our tools will be able to support you.

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Round-the-world support

Our support team is available throughout the day, in any timezone. So you’ll have experts on-hand no matter what time you’re tackling your customer issues.

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Transparent Pricing You’ll Love

Unlike our competitors, we’re 100% clear about our pricing. There’s a 14-day unlimited free trial, and then a monthly package with no long-term contract (you can pay annually on invoice too if you prefer).

You’ll pay only for the number of walkthroughs you create, and not for the number of views or monthly active users – there’ll be no nasty surprises from us when your business starts doing well, just a hearty congratulations. Support is free.

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