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Happy customers

  • Insight uses Nickelled to train their employees.
  • Gumtree uses Nickelled to help their customers and train their employees.
  • Urbanise uses step-by-step guides for employee training.
  • Conde Nast uses step-by-step guides to help their customers.
  • Hassle uses step-by-step guides to onboard their providers easily.
  • Onfido uses interactive tutorials for product demos.
  • EasyRoommate use interactive walkthroughs to help their customers.

How leaky is your SaaS bucket?

SaaS businesses are like leaky buckets.

You’re pulling in new trial customers at the top of the bucket but many are flowing out the bottom. This is called churn. High churn kills SaaS companies. When the water is gone, so is your business.

Plug your leaky bucket by activating EVERY user and stop customers slipping-away.

Failing to activate your users is costing you MUCH more than you realise

Your failed attempts to communicate and engage with your inactive users is distracting and frustrating your team. What strategies have you tried?

Choose your poison…

Speak to every user

An hour session with each customer (plus follow-ups) isn’t scalable – unless you’re avoiding your family.

Make code changes

Try persuading your dev team to make website changes when they’ve got a customer focussed feature list as long as their arm to build.

Build static help resources

Videos and how-to documents take days to create and hours to update everytime your website changes. Who can be bothered?

Stop your customers disappearing

Trial users who complete key activation events will become paying customers. The best kind of user.

Make it crystal clear how to complete your key activation events.

Step-by-step product demos show and lead users to complete these key activation events. Boosting engagement. Onboarding every user.

An introduction to a helpful interactive walkthrough for training Useful guides for product tours Example of a step-by-step guide in action Measure the impact of step-by-step guides

Create product demos to transform inactive users into engaged customers with Nickelled

With Nickelled, create step-by-step tutorials for your customers.

There are three reasons why should start your free Nickelled trial now:

Fast to create, faster to update

Just point and click. Create your first guide in 2-minutes. (No coding required and no changes to your website - for real)

Send guides directly to all users, new and old

Use email, Salesforce, LiveChat, Intercom and your FAQs to deliver guides to 1 customer or 1 billion.

Measure the impact

Understand how guides are working for you and your customers.

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All the features you need to onboard users

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  • Easy-to-share links
    Put guides on any web page
  • Easy, fast creation
    Keep guides up-to-date with your product
  • Responsive guides
    Demo customers on web or mobile-web
  • Guide feedback
    Gather feedback to edit and improve guides
  • Multi-language
    Speak your customer’s language
  • Theme creator
    Make it your own
  • Helpful analytics
    Monitor progress to update and improve
  • Step-by-step demos
    Give leads a demo around your app
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Customer story


Gumtree replaced FAQ screenshots with Nickelled guides. The result? Their guides now handle nearly 1 out of 3 support requests.

“Now when a customer really needs our personal support, we have the time and bandwidth to help them.”
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Onboard every user. Every single one.

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