About Nickelled

We're a small business that does things differently.

Founded in London in 2014, we’ve grown to serve a global customer base from offices in the UK, US and Singapore.

Founded out of our consulting experience, where we watched companies build great products and then fail to educate customers on how to use them, Nickelled has three fundamental principles at its core:

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Principle 1

Passionate about technology

We could have built a walkthrough solution that’s the same as our competitors. We didn’t.

Technology should be used to solve tricky problems, and our walkthroughs are more stable, more versatile and more technologically advanced than anyone else on the market.

Principle 2

Passionate about SaaS

We believe that providing a better customer experience helps to build great businesses by increasing conversions, increasing average customer value and reducing churn.

And we’ve got the figures to prove it, having helped companies from around the world grow their business through better onboarding.

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Principle 3

Passionate about learning

We’re a bootstrapped company because, for us, the journey is the destination.

We come to work every day to create great products and services, and by doing this, we’re learning new ways to solve problems and create value for our customers every day. And if you’re a curious kind of person who enjoys experimenting, we’d love to talk to you too – find out more about joining the team here.

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Nickelled Ltd.
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Nickelled Ltd.
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