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Nickelled’s pricing is based on the number of guides in your Nickelled account. You will be able to change this as your account grows.

Use a custom domain + remove branding from guides

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The Mission Dock
Our beautiful widget lets users launch guides from within your website
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Easy guide creation
Easily make guides with our Chrome extension simply by pointing and clicking
Shareable guides
Share guides however you like to onboard all your users: emails, live chat, help desks
Responsive guides
Guides work for all users across mobile, tablet and desktop devices
Advanced analytics
Monitor completion, usage and satisfaction to continually update and improve
Speak your customer’s language with support for over 10 languages
Theme creator
Make your guides look exactly like your website
Guide feedback
Customers tell you what they think so you can make your guides better
Weekly guide performance email
Receive weekly emails keeping you up-to-date with guide performance
Invite team members
Collaborate and share guides with co-workers
Zero code changes
Absolutely zero code changes to make and share guides
Password protect guides
Keep guides private until you are ready to share them with your users
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  • Who uses Nickelled?

    We’re the weapon of choice for SaaS platforms and marketplaces that regularly onboard new users and field frequently asked questions. Our guides help our customers:

    • Familiarize users with navigation and core features
    • Train users to complete new tasks and processes
    • Introduce product releases, feature updates and UI changes

    Nickelled is used across customer support, internal training and onboarding teams to support both employees and customers - sometimes both at once!

  • Who creates Nickelled guides?

    Anyone can! We’re a point-and-click product - it takes zero coding skills and around five minutes to have a Nickelled guide up and running. No devs needed!

  • What is a Nickelled guide?

    A Nickelled guide is a helpful step-by-step tutorial that you can send to anyone, without making them log into your website or platform.

    To make a Nickelled guide of your website, Nickelled makes an instant replica of the website that you’ve selected. You simply point-and-click to create your walkthrough on top of the replica we've created - zero coding required.

    When you’re ready to share, your users will see an exact replica of the page or app with your instructions layered on top.

    It’s perfect lightweight solution for customer service teams, marketing & sales teams and training teams - just send a quick link via social media, email, live chat or your help center.

  • What is an add-on?

    Add-ons are specialist functionality that you can add to your Nickelled account. Typically these features are useful to a select group of customers. Currently we offer two add-ons: teams and white label.

  • How do I know if the guides are helpful?

    Nickelled guides help our customers identify exactly where users are getting stuck and where they’re dropping off.

    Your Nickelled dashboard tells you the following:

    1. Usage rates - Are users completing your guides? If not, where do they stop?
    2. Satisfaction score - Did your guide resolve their question? (Users give either a thumbs up or thumbs down, so there’s no ambiguity.)
    3. User feedback - Any comments your user left about the guide

    Many of our customers use Nickelled analytics to decide how to build out their self-service and training centers.

  • What is the difference between annual and monthly billing?

    We offer two types of billing: annual and monthly.

    If you choose annual billing you pay the entire year up front. This is great for you as you'll only get one invoice you have to settle with the budget approver. We also give you one month for free (at least!).

    If you choose monthly billing you pay for your Nickelled subscription each month. But don't worry, you only need to give us your card details once when you start the subscription.

    Either way, we'll send you an invoice after each transaction.

  • We’re a huge company. Is there an even bigger tier?

    If you’re going to need more than 500 guides then email us at

    (We have special pricing packages for you.)

Still have questions? Shoot us an email or request a demo

Happy customers

Gumtree uses Nickelled to turbocharge support
Autodesk uses Nickelled for in-house training.
EasyRoommate uses Nickelled to train their users.
Onfido uses step-by-step guides to onboard their new customers.
Sears uses Nickelled to show people around internal processes.
Insight uses interactive tutorials for product demos.
Urbanise uses Nickelled for brilliant training.
The World Bank uses Nickelled to train their employees.