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Creating a beautiful guided tour is a waste of time if nobody sees it

Nickelled launchers make it easy to get your guided tours in front of your users. Read on to find out more about the on-page launchers and off-site launchers you can use with Nickelled.

On-page launchers

Nickelled on-page launchers can be used to display guided tours anywhere on your site. Your Nickelled guided tour will open up over the top of the page, close automatically once the guide is complete, and can easily be exited by the user by clicking the close button at the top right-hand side.

Advanced Filtering

What best practices do companies need to ensure that every user has a great onboarding experience, every time?

Our on-page javascript snippet can accept user IDs, user properties and page locations in order to determine which launchers should be shown where. Use built-in logic such as show the guides for teachers on the page 'teacher-homepage' for maximum simplicity.

For advanced use cases such as show to users more than three days old with an paid flag, stack your own rules and pass us custom user data.

Off-site launchers

Want to send your Nickelled guide to somebody who's not registered for your app, or not logged in? Or looking for the lowest-hassle way to get your guides in the hands of users (no plugins, no installation required!) immediately? Nickelled guides can also be accessed outside of your site, reducing user friction to zero.

Iframe embed

Want to include a Nickelled guide on a helpdesk, Wordpress site, intranet resources or some other external site? Iframe embeds load a neat guide preview and one-click launcher and can be pasted into any third-party site. And because the embed is loaded directly from our servers, it will always show the most up-to-date guide title and thumbnail.

Using Nickelled with Google Tag Manager

Nickelled launchers are fully compatible with Google Tag Manager (and other popular container tag solutions) – if you're using a tool like this, you'll be able to launch guides inside your app with no code changes. Need technical help in setting things up? Let us know.