Nickelled Academies

The simplest way to train new users

Nickelled Academies are the easiest way to host attractive, user-friendly training courses that are created in just a few clicks. Welcome each user with a customized curriculum and watch your activation rate soar.

Build an academy No installation required, 14-Day free trial


White papers, eBooks or PDFs don't get read – welcome your users properly with a proper curriculum for success that learners can follow at their own pace.

How often are new clients asking you questions, when they should be finding value? Academies allow you to showcase all the features and benefits your product has to offer.


Set everything up within minutes, creating pages and adding content such as Nickelled guides, videos, or documents in just a few clicks.

You can't measure success with traditional training materials – but you can with Nickelled Academy. Get at-a-glance access to who's completed your content, and which users haven't engaged.


With a single Nickelled Academies account, you can create different courses to cater to different segments of your audience. Have separate features per user role? No problem. Nickelled Academies allow you to separate access easily.

Add unlimited course units to a course, with as much content you like in each unit. Each unit has a dedicated page and is accessible from the course homepage.

Embed manuals, ebooks, whitepapers, or choose Vimeo, YouTube, text or Nickelled guides as content, bringing the superior educational experience of multimedia tuition to your users.

Easily switch the colors and logos on your course pages, or upload a custom CSS file for styling options limited only by your imagination.

Brand your academy in the way that you want, using a custom address such as

Open your academy up to the world, or lock it down to authorized users only. Nickelled Academies offer the flexibility to gate your content in the way that works for your business.

Where to use Nickelled Academies

Signup/Onboarding Flows

Direct your users to get started in the fastest way, as soon as they sign up to your app.

Marketing Websites

Showcase the full potential of your product to logged out users, by offering all your courses on your marketing website.

Support Sites

Structure your support site in a way that promotes full engagement with your product, streamlining answers into common process 'flows' so that users always know what to expect next.

Internal Portals

Drive additional engagement from employees or client stakeholders by embedding an academy on an intranet or other restricted area.

Ask Nickelled

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1) A PDF Manual

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2) Blog Posts or Ebooks

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3) A Video Series

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4) A Knowledge Base

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