In-Product Salesforce Guidance With Nickelled

Beautiful in-product guides to show users around Salesforce – introduce key pages, walk through business processes and answer common questions before they're asked. Train users and deploy faster with Nickelled for Salesforce, the only digital adoption platform you'll ever need.

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How it works

1. Record your guided tour

Capture guide

Point and click your way through a process using our simple editor

Highlight tricky form fields and take users through multiple Salesforce pages, one step at a time.

2. Set up your launchers

Launch options

Decide which guides to show, where and why

Select the right guides for the right teams, at the right time. Get granular, with easy launch criteria.

3. Install the app

Salesforce widget

Use our managed package to install the Nickelled widget

No complex installation – installing the widget is a one-click setup from the AppExchange.

Why Nickelled?

Nickelled is hands-down the easiest way to train users in your Salesforce environment. With zero plugins required and an instant creation experience, you'll have your first guide up and running within five minutes of signing up. We're the only digital adoption platform on the market with a full free trial and the ability to test guides without full integration.

Inside Salesforce, you can launch Nickelled guides from our custom Lightning component, your own help center or even a simple rich text component (new Lightning experience only).

Nocode ico

No code, no plug ins

Pricing ico

Simple, per user, transparent pricing

Support ico

Dedicated support and a 12-hour TAT for Salesforce clients

Trial ico

90-Day proof of concept before your contract begins

Nickelled supports guidance on...

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All core clouds
Communities (Classic & Lightning)
Console (Classic & Lightning)
Salesforce Lightning
Visualforce Pages
Non-Salesforce pages
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Salesforce Training That Just Works.

With organizations turning to the Salesforce platform for critical business operations, you *need* to make sure your employees understand and adopt Salesforce.

But how do you ensure that the entire organization can benefit from Salesforce, whether they're a power user or it's their first time logging on?

Nickelled has the answer.

Salesforce Training Everybody Loves

Our customers are blown away by Nickelled's unique approach to Salesforce. Users love our simple tutorials, which dramatically shorten adoption time and answer simple questions before they're even asked. Administrators love that there's no technical implementation. And procurement teams love the cost, which is a tenth of our competitors.

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Change The Way Teams Learn

Nickelled provides Salesforce Training via walkthroughs that can be launched ANYWHERE. Users can open them inside Salesforce to answer common questions or view them standalone as an interactive and engaging alternative to videos.

Guides can be installed using a simple, pre-written Custom Lightning Component or even via a standard Rich Text component via the Lightning App Builder. It's the simplest implementation you'll ever do.

Interested in learning more about end-user training with Salesforce? Read our guide here for a quick overview of our suggested approach.

Headache-Free Course Authoring

Forget expensive software deployments or complex train-the-trainer programs. Nickelled offers point-and-click walkthrough creation on the Salesforce and Salesforce Lightning interfaces, allowing anybody to create courses in minutes. No software is required for walkthrough creation or playback. See an example of how it looks in our interactive demo or book a demo to find out more about using Nickelled for Salesforce training.

Global Customer Partner

We want to work with you to make a success of your online training program – so we offer a dedicated customer partner from a member of our global customer partnerships team. Your customer partner is there to help you get set up, help you to troubleshoot problems with your implementation and help ensure that you and your users are getting the most out of Nickelled.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike our online training competitors, we’re 100% transparent about our pricing, so you can account for it in your project planning from day one.

Salesforce Training Software Key Features

Your new CRM rollout has to work for all of your staff, not just your power users. So you need an accessible, clear and simple walkthrough tool that available around the clock and answers your users' key questions before their engagement starts dropping. Nickelled helps make that happen.

Here are key features Nickelled nails, that you should ask of *any* Salesforce training software.

Is it tailored to end users' job roles?
Is it interactive and hands-on?
Is it self-paced, so users can learn whenever?
Is it easy to update as your software evolves?
Is the provider an official Salesforce partner?
Can the software offer full analytics?

Instantly improve the metrics of your Salesforce deployment.

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