Salesforce Training

Salesforce can be tricky to implement, no matter the size of your company. Here at Nickelled, we've gathered learning and training resources and examples to help you plan and execute a Salesforce training program that works. Our cloud-based software can be used to roll out an implementation onboarding program, an adoption program, or refresher training.

Salesforce Training Software

Find out how Nickelled stacks up to other Salesforce training options.


End User Training Guide

Our step-by-step training and adoption guide to making your Salesforce implementation a success.


Salesforce Walkthrough Examples

See what Nickelled guides for Salesforce look and feel like.


Salesforce Lightning Training

Nickelled is the easiest Salesforce Lightning Training software on the market - find out why.


Salesforce WalkMe vs Nickelled for Salesforce

How WalkMe compares to Nickelled from a Salesforce perspective.