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The Nickelled Guide to Picking a Digital Adoption Platform

Future success stories will tell of today's companies that are embracing technological innovation. And they do not just have modern digital processes in place. Their digital business models are continually updating, and they understand the importance of successful digital adoption and bringing the workforce along with the ever-changing digital processes and business models.

They've discovered tools to facilitate the adoption of software and understand the advantages. They’ve discovered the power of a digital adoption platform.

But have you?

We are entering a new era of technological innovation, as the younger generations rise through the corporate ranks, they bring with them the technological adoption that they have been dealing with from a much younger age. As more and more tech-savvy individuals gain management positions or higher, they are utilizing their knowledge of technology, in particular, CRMs and Digital Adoption Platforms, to push their companies to new heights of efficiency.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are software platforms that are designed to facilitate software learning and digital transformation success by simplifying the user experience. This ensures that users can take full advantage of the software provided.

Nickelled (for example) is a web-based Digital Adoption Platform that offers a unique approach to software learning. Nickelled uses guided tours and tutorials because such guides are the simplest method to ensure smooth transitions and developments within a business change process. Guided tours can be utilized by both employees and customers to ensure user satisfaction and adoption of digital tools.

Nickelled and Salesforce

Salesforce originally specialized in customer relationship management, but some of the biggest companies in the world have already adopted Salesforce for customer service, finance and ERP services, including names such as Amazon, Aston Martin, Adidas, and American Express.

These companies all know the importance of tracking real-time analytics, giving support to customers, and dealing with users and customer complaints with the use of cloud storage that can be accessed anywhere – hence the move to Salesforce.

However, Salesforce implementations sometimes ran into teething problems early on, due to its complexity and the habits of legacy users, who refused to adapt to the new processes put in place to support them and their users. As former consultants, we've seen what happens when these kinds of digital transformation implementations go wrong.

This is where a digital adoption platform can shine – by offering an overlaid software that can be accessed from inside Salesforce in real time, companies can create easy to access tutorials, support, and guide-throughs for their users.

Digital adoption platform on Salesforce

Nickelled's digital adoption platform running over Salesforce

This is what we specialize in here at Nickelled. Through our customized pre-written Custom Lightning Component, boosting user adoption for your both your new users and experienced users in Salesforce is easy. Our digital adoption software is designed for Salesforce Lightning Training, to help even the most stubborn of teams become staunch supporters of the new CRM.

When weighed against the benefits of Salesforce, the use of Digital Adoption Platforms pales in comparison – Salesforce reports that companies using the software see an average increase of 37% in sales revenues, a 32% increase in lead conversion, and a 56% faster deployment rate. Employee productivity also rises, alongside a 34% increase in customer satisfaction.

Why Your Business Should be Using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

The cloud and digital ecosystem is always changing, and if your business is not continually implementing new software, then you are likely to be falling behind.

However, this can be nightmarish for end users, who have to get to grips with (and then stay on top of) an evolving digital world. When used incorrectly, newly updated software can be useless, or worse, a hindrance. Therefore, using DAPs to simplify learning can be hugely beneficial to businesses, staff, and customers.

Problems often hit the bottom line but manifest themselves at a staff level – complicated and unfamiliar software causes confusion, dissatisfaction, burnout, and poor performance. Digital Adoption Platforms were created to solve this problem, streamlining digital change, and lessening these negative effects.

DAPs can be customized to address the specific needs of any business.

Powered by machine learning and AI, modern DAPs provides tailored guidance in real-time based on individual user's needs.

Software such as Nickelled promotes digital adoption in a few ways:

  • Automates some aspects of onboarding new employees or customers.
  • Provides in-app software training and easy screen guidance.
  • Provides proactive support to solve any challenges the user faces.
  • Collects and analyzes usage data and tailors learning to their needs.

What do we mean by "tailored guidance"?

Well, DAPs use automated rules and machine learning to provide application users with a more personalized experience. For instance, if a user arrives on a new page and has never interacted with that page before, the DAP might suggest a guided tour to highlight critical elements. Of course, it does all this in real-time – offering your employees help when they need it.

This can have a massive impact on user adoption, employee productivity and overall satisfaction.

Digital Adoption Platform Advantages

Digital adoption platforms…

  • Often cost less and performs better than alternative training methods.
  • Give businesses the full advantage of software that is being utilized to meet its potential.
  • Lower user resistance to new software and higher morale.
  • Reduce burden on IT support during a digital transformation project.
  • Offer further insight into what works, what doesn't, and why.
  • Reduce time to train new employees.
  • Can be used in any environment, on top of any software or technology.
  • Can be used from anywhere on any device that can connect to the internet.
  • Allows businesses to complete digital processes faster and cheaper, since the DAP is making tailored decisions based on the data it collects.
  • Eliminate employee learning curves of learning, forgetting, and re-learning, which are often stressful.
  • Provide users with the most efficient learning methods compared to classroom or elearning training.

Why Now Is the Time to Get a DAP

Whether you're an HR manager or a CIO, you have likely come across the challenges of the adoption of new digital platforms. Poor adoption procedures can lead to:

  • Failed change programs.
  • Poor digital ROI.
  • Poor productivity.
  • Employee frustration.
  • High employee turnover.
  • An over-worked IT team.
  • Onboarding that takes a long time and is often unsuccessful.

The stakes are high, since new digital platforms can be the making or breaking point of many businesses, and should not be left to chance.

A DAP will allow your employees and customers to adopt digital tools faster — and become experts in using them. This has transformational benefits, not only for your end-users but also across the business.

How can I Improve My Digital Adoption?

Whether you're rolling out new DAP platforms, or simply trying to get users to understand a new digital program inside the organization, we recommend the following:

  • Involve your employees and team members in all of your DAP and software implementation decisions.
  • Show your team how this digital transformation is going to make life easier for them.
  • Lead by example by using the software and updating your team on things you find good about it and what you learn.
  • Commit time to learn the full workings and capabilities of what your software can do, and then evangelize as much as you can.

Digital Adoption Processes for Customers

Digital adoption is not only a task for your employees; it could also be required by your customers.

If you are an online business, then you may require your customers to use digital tools (especially as we're now living in the era of the Covid-19 Pandemic, where face-to-face interaction needs to be minimized as much as possible). So, if you do not make it easy for your customers to use your services, then you could be seriously missing out.

Digital Adoption Platforms such as Nickelled, can also be used to keep customers informed and make them feel supported.

Digital adoption platform on Salesforce

Gumtree used the Nickelled DAP on their help site

Nickelled has been used by companies such as Pitney Bowes, McGraw-Hill, and Gumtree to support end-users in achieving their digital transformation objectives. Gumtree was able to support 10% of enquires using Nickelled, and when customers embraced Nickelled, their user experience was, on average, 10 percent higher than those who didn't. Read the full Gumtree case study.

Keep your customers engaged with your digital transformation and, at the same time, lower the amount of support they need and increase their satisfaction. What's not to like?

More about Nickelled

Nickelled is a digital adoption platform that creates step-by-step guided tours to show users how software works. Our tools are interactive, immersive, and self-paced and can easily be applied to various software applications. They can be completed from anywhere (from a phone, tablet, or laptop), which keeps learning possibilities open and accessible, even to people working remotely during the pandemic.

Nickelled is fully interactive and allows users to go at their own pace. It feels modern and provides users with what a life-like, supportive experience.

Furthermore, there is no plugin installation; our unique browser-based guide means that there is no need to download anything or make any changes to your device. This keeps the experience simple and friction-free from the beginning.

As a learning manager, you'll be updated on how your users are learning, including the completion rate of guided tours as well as their feedback along the way. This means that you will know how effective delivering the training through our digital adoption platform is.


Digital transformation is the future, and if you are not investing in modern software and technology, then your business will eventually be left behind.

However, without the proper procedures in place to bring your employees and customers on board with your technological advancements, they become a liability rather than an asset.

In 2021, upgrading your business processes does not need to be a stressful experience. By adopting machine learning and smart learning tools, such as Nickelled, you can ensure that everyone is kept updated and supported.

Is your business growing with modern technology? Are you allowing your employees and customers to properly use the tools that are available to them? Or is your business falling behind?

That's a question we hope we can help you to answer.