Salesforce Walkthrough Examples

This page contains an example of a Nickelled Salesforce Walkthrough.

It is built on the legacy version of Salesforce, and like all Nickelled walkthroughs, required zero coding or software installation to create. If you are looking for Salesforce Lightning Training, click here.

Nickelled walkthroughs can be played back by users on any browser, operating system or device, and can be appended with post-training surveys or specific redirects (for example, to a page on your Salesforce instance or a post-training resources page).

This guide shows Nickelled as part of a legacy Salesforce implementation.

How the Nickelled Academy helps

While the example above is individual, our Salesforce Walkthroughs are designed to be used as part of a training or support plan. We make it easy to build a specific training site for your users via Nickelled Academy, which is a free add-on for all Nickelled users.

Using Nickelled Academy, you can build a comprehensive curriculum for your users, specifically tailored for department or job roles.

For example, you can set up a full curriculum of multiple training modules, each containing a set of different walkthroughs. Users can work their way through the modules at their own pace, or revisit the entire curriculum when they need to.

Multiple Nickelled Academies make it easy to create different curriculum structures for each user.

To find out more about using Nickelled to support your Salesforce training, start a free, no-obligation trial of Nickelled or request a demo with a consultant today.

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