Salesforce Lightning Walkthough Software

Use Nickelled to train your staff on the new Salesforce Lightning experience, with no code changes, software installation, or plugins.

How it feels

This short example will show you how Nickelled looks and feels when used for Salesforce Lightning Training.

Note that this page is optimized for desktop devices. Please contact us for a walkthrough of Nickelled on smaller screens.

Why is Nickelled the best Salesforce Lightning training software?

Nickelled is the easiest way to scale Salesforce Lightning training across your business. With zero software requirements and no plugin installation, you can roll out a curriculum to ten or ten thousand users in days.

Users can take their time to learn in Nickelled's ultra-secure sandboxed environment, totally isolated from your Salesforce instance and perfectly safe for students to experiment to their hearts' desire!

Salesforce Lightning Training slide A full-screen Nickelled slide in the Lightning interface

Like the real thing!

When opening a Nickelled walkthrough, learners are transported into a carbon copy of Salesforce, which looks, feels and responds exactly like your live environment. Responsive and secure, you can be sure that you're offering a life-like experience while enjoying world-class stability and security brought by our peer-leading replication solution.

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To find out more about using Nickelled as your Salesforce Lightning training software, request a demo with a consultant today.

Salesforce Lightning Training Step A Nickelled step shown in the Lightning interface

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